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It takes more than one person to bring about peace - it takes all of us.

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Group Therapy

At Serenity, we believe healing is a collaborative process and that it takes more than one person to bring about positive change. The collaborative care team at Serenity offers a variety of therapy groups with varying formats and desired client outcomes. Some of the offerings may be more Process Group oriented like our “Restoring Balance After COVID” group and other groups may be more didactic in nature to teach certain health and wellness concepts or specific coping skills. All of our groups allow clients the comfort of a confidential setting to access peer support with the professional guidance of trained facilitators. Through the empathy and validation of the common experiences of others, our clients are able to access their potential for growth.

Zen Stones

Restoring Balance After COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected each and every one of us and changed our view of life as we know it. Our group, Restoring Balance After COVID, allows a safe space to explore the multiple emotions associated with the effects of the COVID pandemic. This group will be led by Serenity’s two founders and senior psychologists, Dr. Susan Baker and Dr. Jennifer Bertsch, and facilitated in a comfortable and sensory enriching environment to promote balance. Through empathic group discussion, sharing and processing of individual experiences, we help you safely explore the effects the pandemic has had on your mind and body. With compassion, group support, and mind-body techniques that incorporate mindfulness meditation and five sensory integration, we work to get you back to feeling connected to others and to feeling SIMPLY WHOLE.


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