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Family Member Support Group

Mental health support group for family members 
with loved ones struggling with an disordered eating


Multisystemic Perspectives and psychoeducation  •  Interactive group participation and skill building
Open discussions  •  Judgement-free space  
•  Providing HOPE!

Disordered eating is complex, and it is the only mental health condition to affect every aspect of a person’s life and wellbeing. The “Understanding Me” group recognizes the complexity of this disease and the importance of gaining knowledge, awareness, and support; along with receiving valuable therapeutic tools to help support your loved one on their journey towards freedom and recovery.

*Example Outline: Group will begin with gaining knowledge about mental health on disordered eating behaviors and societal influences by covering  1-2 modules per week with open discussion support group discussions. 

Module 1: Development of disordered eating: Neurological effects and psychological symptoms

Module 2: Myths and stigmas

Module 3: Influence of social media and diet culture

Module 4: LGBTQIA+ and other marginalized groups affected by eating disorders

Module 5: Understanding the controlling voice of “ED”

Module 6: Living with an eating disorder (Functioning vs. Living)

Module 7: Family Systems

Module 8: Communication and changing the narrative

Module 9: Recovery process and living a life free from an eating disorder

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