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We are Grateful for You!

There are so many things we are thankful for at Serenity, but at the top of the list is You! our brave clients who awe us with their resilience, courage, and determination to lead healthier lives. And you, Serenity’s talented and compassionate clinicians that lend your ears, patience, and hold space for their tenacious clients. We are grateful for our medication providers who monitor and care for their clients with conscientiousness and commitment. And we would not operate effectively without the diligence and care of our administrative and billing team.

We appreciate the courageous kids that work hard at their therapy and fill our halls with chaos and laughter. We admire the teens, some going through hard challenges and changes in themselves or their lives, and their vulnerability to share their journey with a compassionate mentor. To all the couples and families that commit to making their relationships stronger and happier, we commend your strength and dedication to a healthier life.

This year, we are grateful for those that have joined our clinical team and continue to enhance our breadth of services through integrative wellness, yoga, meditation, and trauma-informed care like EMDR and ART. We value our clinicians openness to working with All People and honoring the unique diversity that each human being brings. We are lucky to be able to provide TMS treatments this year by adding a second TMS chair to offer non-pharmacological and non-invasive treatment to people with depression, anxiety, and OCD.

May all of you celebrate this month of Thanksgiving with love in your hearts, prosperous vision in your mind, and gratitude in your being.

Happy Month of Thanksgiving!!

Susan Baker & Jen Bertsch (Serenity’s Founders)


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