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In February We Celebrate All Types of Love!

February does not have to be all about mushy cards, chocolates, and roses…this month we choose to celebrate All Types of Love; not just romantic love.

Love is so much more than one kind of relationship. We have love for our friends; family love (sibling love, parent love, daughter/son/grandkid love); self-love, pet love; as well as romantic love.

We can celebrate and honor these types of love on Valentine’s Day and any other Day! Here are some ideas:


  • Calling all Galantines or Bromances; let your best pal know you appreciate them!

  • Send friends a Valentine! (via text, email, or as a cute surprise in the mail)

  • Tell your friends you appreciate them in your life!

  • Shower a friend with flowers, movie tickets, or with some other treasure, or invite them out for coffee or lunch.

Family Love:

  • Surprise your sister or grandparent with flowers

  • Tell your siblings that you love them

  • Take your son or daughter out for a special dinner

  • Text your mom or bring her some yummy chocolates


  • Remember how amazing you are – your mind, your body that moves you, and the kindness in your heart!

  • Fill up your own cup by taking a luxurious bubble bath

  • Light some candles & meditate

  • Treat yourself to a massage or facial – maybe both!

  • Buy yourself flowers and your favorite coffee or some other treat

  • Watch your favorite movie snuggled up in a blanket on the couch and let yourself relax!

  • Take yourself out on a date – to a museum and enjoy being able to make all your own decisions – restaurant, food choice, etc.

Pet Love:

  • Give your pet a Valentine!

  • Snuggle them with hugs and kisses

  • Take them for an adventure! (Their favorite hike or walk and enjoy the scenery!)

  • Take them to Petco or PetSmart and buy them a treat!

Romantic Love:

Valentine’s Day is known as a time to celebrate the romantic love in your life. It can also be an opportunity to show pride in your relationship. Showing the world that a non-heteronormative standard of love can exist gives others inspiration and hope in their own coming-out journeys. But if you are not ready to come out, that is okay too. Just be sure to show yourself love regardless of your relationship status this Valentine’s Day. You are perfect just as you are!


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