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Summer Super Brain Foods Make Your Brain Better!

Summer time is the season for fresh fruits and vegetables that are available with amazing health benefits for your brain! But, which "summer super foods" are the best for brain health? We share a few foods that can help you power through the day, and keep your brain sharp and healthy for life!

1.    Lemons:

Add lemon to almost everything! Squeeze lemons on salad, fish, chicken, add it to water, yogurt, and the list goes on! Lemons add potassium to our systems which improves our mood, and helps us think more clearly.


2.    Watermelon: 

Mouth-watering watermelon is better on a hot summer day! Watermelon is a virtual epicenter of benefits for the brain. This fresh and juicy treat is full of antioxidants and vitamins. The vitamin B6 in watermelon boosts our brain power and function. It also has hydrating benefits which keeps the brain and nerves functioning properly.


3.    Peaches: 

Low in calories, and high in fiber, antioxidants, and folate; peaches are great for the brain! Peaches have a proven effect on the central cholinergic system, and they improve brain function tremendously. They are also high in Vitamin K which is good for the heart, and what's good for our hearts is good for our brains! Also of note, peaches are rich in carotenoids and beta carotenes that protect our eyes. Peaches are also great for hydration!


4.    Blueberries: 

Blueberries are one of the healthiest foods we can choose from for our brains. They are low in sugar and calories, and high in vitamins C and K. They also contain gallic acid which keeps stress in check, and maintains our brain health. Some scientists even believe they prevent some memory loss with antioxidants by reducing inflammation levels. Add blueberries to your salads, smoothies, yogurt, or just eat them fresh!

5.   Cantaloupe:

Yes, cantaloupe is good for brain health! It contains Lutein, an antioxidant that promotes brain health and reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease. It also contains high potassium levels which help the body relax and stimulate the brain to take in more oxygen. Finally, cantaloupe is about 90% water, which can help keep the brain functioning properly. 

6.    Tomatoes: 

Your brain loves tomatoes. They are high in fiber and contain lycopene which keeps your brain functioning at a high rate. Tomatoes also improve skin, bone, and eye health! Tomatoes can be a valuable part of a healthy diet.


7.    Avocado:

Not just guac, but avocados are considered a brain food because they contain nutrients that help improve cognitive function, prevent blood clots, and reduce stress! They also can help prevent high blood pressure, a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. They contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for brain function and may help with depression and anxiety. Avocados contain vitamins B and C, folate, vitamin K, niacin, pantothenic acid, and potassium. B vitamins, like folate and vitamin B6, help with neurotransmitter synthesis, which regulates mood and stress response. Folate may also contribute to psychological well-being, while pantothenic acid may help with mental performance. WOW!

8.    Cherries: 

Cherries reduce inflammation and improve sleep quality. Cherries contain anthocyanins, which may interfere with inflammation pathways and improve brain and visual function. Studies have shown that cherries may improve memory and cognition in older adults with mild to moderate Alzheimer's type dementia.  

So Grab a Brain Super Food; Your Brain will Thank You for Many Years to Come!


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