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Positive Messages that Help Your Child Blossom

Parenting can be hard and takes Patience, but Why is it So Important to Validate Your Child? When you validate your child's emotions, you allow your child to feel seen, heard, understood, and valued. It also gives your child permission to have feelings and to learn how to work through them in healthy ways. Listening shows your child that you are someone they can trust with their feelings.

15 Positive Messages that Help Your Child Blossom
  • I’m Really Proud of You Today

  • That Was a Really Good Idea You Had

  • Keep up the Good Work!

  • You are a Very Special Person

  • Good job, Good for You!

  • You have a Lot of Great Ideas

  • You will Probably Learn a lot From that Mistake

  • I Enjoy Working and Playing with You

  • I Like You Just the Way You Are

  • It’s Okay to Have a Lot of Feelings

  • Tears Can be Refreshing and Healing

  • I’m Sorry; You are Right

  • I Feel Happy When I am With You

  • Even Grown Ups Make Mistakes

  • I Hope You are Proud Of Yourself in Your Heart

25 Ways to Encourage Open Communication with Your Child:
  • Thank you for helping with...

  • It makes mornings/dinner/outings easier when you.... thank you.

  • I really appreciate it when you...

  • Thank you for doing that... it means I/we can now...

  • We did it together!

  • Wow! You made a building/drawing/etc.

  • You did it on your own!

  • You did x and then y and worked it out.

  • You used lots of red paint/blocks/tape/etc.

  • You made it really big/small/colorful/complicated/etc.

  • That took you a long time, and you did it!

  • How did you do that?

  • You did x, what will you do now?

  • Can you tell me about it?

  • What is your favorite part?

  • How did you think of that?

  • I really enjoy doing this with you.

  • I love watching you create/help your sister/play soccer/ etc.

  • I'm so proud to be your mom, every day, no matter what.

  • Look how happy your friend is when you share/help/smile/etc.

  • You kept going, even when it was hard.

  • You look so pleased to have done that!

  • You made x feel so pleased when you did that.

  • It makes you feel good when you do x.

  • Say nothing - just smile.


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