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Mental Health May Basket

Get Ready for May and Mental Health Awareness Month by Creating a Mental Health May Basket!

What a great way to take care of yourself and others! You can make a basket for yourself or surprise a friend or family member with your thoughtfulness. Fill the basket with items that will help your friend engage in self-care. Leave a short note, reminding them that even when they are having a hard day, they are cared about and worthy of self-care.

Fill the basket with items to help them feel appreciated and to take care of themselves. Some great ideas include:

1. A soothing candle in a calming scent like vanilla or lavender.

2. Refreshing essential oils like eucalyptus, lemon, or peppermint for headaches.

3. Their favorite kind of tea or a card for their favorite coffee shop.

4. Calming and hydrating lotion for their hands or body.

5. A flip book with positive messages or funny sayings to make them laugh.

6. A stress ball or fidget that they can use in times of tension.

7. Their favorite kind of chocolate or candy that they love to chew.

8. Bath salts or soothing soaps to add to their spa routine.

9. A word find or crossword puzzle to distract them from worries.

10. A mindful coloring book of mandalas or positive mantras for coping and positive thoughts.


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