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Happy New Year From Serenity!

Life is truly a journey. We all have our own story of where we came from, the experiences that served us well, and the obstacles we have overcome. Some of us may feel as if past scars are healed and others may feel they are still quite fresh. Wherever you came from and whatever journey you are on, is your business. Mark Twain had it right when he said, “What other people think of me, is none of my business.”

It isn’t until you proceed in the direction of your true north and shed the layers of expectations from others, that you leave the capacity for budding of new life in your soul.

“When self-acceptance rises up, out of the darkness spontaneously, we regain the whole energy of ourselves” -Susan Baker, Serenity Founder

As you continue to embrace this new journey of healing, you may discover what you knew to be true all along; all of your successes and accomplishments, as well as your choices that went "against the grain" of what others may have expected of you, they weave a tapestry of self-acceptance, peace, and inner balance.

Serenity's bird is a symbol of the phoenix bird rising from the ashes. The founders, Susan Baker & Jennifer Bertsch chose this symbol because they both believe that life is a journey, where we are constantly shedding layers that no longer serve us positively and make room for what propels us toward peace, love, and harmony. So this New Year, we look forward to 2023 and the new relations that bring positive connections and feelings of meaningful achievement. We of course, have wishes for you to shed layers of illness and societal harms that have affected you in negative ways, and to rebuild from a place of knowledge and compassion. We wish for all of you the ability to shed that which no longer serves you, and to make room for all that drives you toward life balance, self-love, and inner peace. We are happy to be on this journey together!!!

Best Wishes for the New Year!
Serenity’s Founders,
Susan Baker, PsyD, LP & Jennifer Bertsch, PsyD, LP


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