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10 Tips on How to be Successful With Staying Warm

Serenity welcomes you warmly into the New Year! Why? Well, because warmth is so important to our overall wellbeing. You may think, yikes, we live in Minnesota, how do we stay warm and well during these cold months? Great question! We are here to add some wisdom as to the why it is important as well as tips on how to be successful with staying warm!

Did you know that staying warm is actually essential for maintaining good health? Winter is often associated with cold, darkness, and stillness and Summer is associated with warmth, light, and movement or activity. Too much cold can actually damage our positive energy. In Chinese medicine, they refer to positive energy as the Yang and Winter or cold is associated with the Yin.

Our warm energy helps our circulation, digestion, and immune system work more efficiently and the cold can aggravate chronic pain, arthritis, depression and fatigue; so it is important for us to stay warm to thrive.

10 Helpful Tips to Stay Warm this Winter

  1. Getting Regular Exercise Exercise helps to keep up your circulation and blood flow and to keep your body warm. Even cold weather activities like skiing and snowshoeing are healthy ways to move your body in the cold. Movement also helps to prevent cold hands and feet.

  2. Eat Warm Cooked Meals Making soups and stews this time of year and using warm spices like cinnamon help to keep your digestive system healthy during winter months; it also helps us to better digest and absorb the nutrients in foods.

  3. Drink Warm Beverages Warm teas and coffees with herbs like ginger and nutmeg can help to warm your body. Avoid iced drinks this time of year.

  4. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol as much as possible as they can contribute to dehydration and a feeling of being cold.

  5. Dress in Layers Dress in Layers this time of year so you can adjust to the change in outside and inside temperatures to stay warm.

  6. Keep Your Feet Warm As an extremity, our feet are vulnerable to cold very easily; wearing warm socks and insulated boots will help keep your feet warm. Having warm feet often translates to having a warm body and overall wellness.

  7. Take a Warm Bath or Shower This is a quick an effective way to warm up your whole body as you start your workday or as you decompress after a long, busy day.

  8. Cuddle Up By a Fireplace Fire is what our ancestors used to stay warm and it has a soothing effect on our body. Turn on your fireplace this time of year and grab a blanket. Watch the beautiful flames and let your body soak in the warmth.

  9. Use a Heating Pad or a Warm Heated Wrap Using a heating pad on your torso or low back can warm you up internally, relax muscles, and reduce inflammation. It is especially useful for arthritis and chronic pain during the colder winter months.

  10. Can’t Shake the Cold? Start from the inside out, with warm food and drink; then address your external body with a warm bath or shower, a heating pad, and extra blankets. Your body will thank you.

And Finally, Warm Wishes for Beautiful Renewal in the New Year from all of us at Serenity. We are Wishing you a Cozy New Year filled with Love, Warmth, Good Things, and a Few Tiny Miracles…


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