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We Introduce Weighted Worry Monsters

In honor of seasonal wellness and holiday-free stress, we introduce our Monster Crew created by our talented therapist, Emily Hedberg! These little monsters are a great holiday stress reliever as they are weighted stuffed animals that are like a packaged little hug! Holding a Worry Monster can decrease anxiety, create comfort when sad, and be a calming effect for symptoms of ADHD. There are 4 adorable monsters to choose from: Morty, Gizmo, Pippin, and Alma! How will you decide? Collect all four!

Meet Serenity therapist, Emily Hedberg, the talented monster creator!

Hi! Emily here! The creator behind the Weighted Worry Monsters! Now, I can't take all of the credit here. My inspiration for these monsters is the sole result of the work I do in Children and Adult Mental Health. Having access to comfort during times of emotional stress can be challenging. I wanted to take my passion for helping and supporting others and combine it with my love of crochet. Lo and behold, the Worry Monsters! Each monster is hand crocheted with love and support wished into each stitch! I hope you love these monsters as much as I love creating them!

Weighted stuffed animals help with anxiety and overall mental wellness. They create a “hug like” effect that releases soothing brain chemicals. They help to calm the nervous system, slow your breath, and decrease heart rate; leading to relief! In addition to anxiety, weighted stuffed animals have been shown to help in times of grief, depression, and in individuals that struggle with ADHD.

Visit Emily’s website at and check out her Instagram at


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