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Meet! Laura Legand

Additional Team Members and Services to Enrich Your Wellness At Serenity!

Laura Legand

Administrative Specialist


Laura is an administrative team member whose role includes managing appointments, client records, and effective communication between clients, clinicians, and administrative staff. Laura is approachable and sensitive to the mental health needs of our clients to deliver a collaborative setting for their path to care. In addition to her administrative role, she is pursuing an MSW at Capella University with an internship placement as a school-based therapist.  Working closely with school staff, parents, and students in an educational setting, she provides services for children facing various challenges and helps them to develop coping skills and to enhance their resilience. Laura values a humanistic approach to care for her clients and wants to provide a safe space for children to freely explore their emotions.  She strives for her clients to accept their authentic selves in the present moment and to carry this authenticity into their relationships. Outside of work, Laura enjoys connecting with friends and family, and spending time outside.

Say “Hi” to Laura at our reception desk!


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