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therapist for children near Edina, MN
therapist for children near Burnsville, MN

Erika Heglund

LPCC (She/Her/Hers)

Mental Health Therapist


Erika completed her Master’s in Counseling Psychology from the University of St. Thomas in 2013 and is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC). Erika’s work experience has spanned areas within crisis settings, group homes, and day treatment facilities. She has provided consultation, advocacy, outpatient group and individual therapy centered on a variety of mental health related concerns. Currently, Erika’s work focuses on individuals (children, adolescents, and adults) who identify as neurodivergent, are exploring neurodivergence, or care for those who are neurodivergent. Neurodivergence can include a multitude of differences, however, Erika works most often with those that identify as Autistic, ADHD, PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance or Persistent Drive for Autonomy), or have anxiety, learning, processing, or sensory differences, trauma, and other diagnoses or identities that are often overlapping or misdiagnosed, with these differences. Erika honors self-identified neurodivergence and supports the Neurodiversity Paradigm and movement. Therapies or supports that encourage compliance or masking are not utilized in her practice. Neurodivergent culture is respected and affirmed by Erika.

The modalities Erika uses most often are experiential, psychodynamic, relational, intersubjective, somatic, sensory, play or interest-based, supportive, and integrative. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and other behavior-based approaches are only used when appropriate for the specific individual and when it can be done so in a neurodiversity-affirming way. Erika is nonjudgmental in her stance. She values the relationship, connection, and walking alongside her clients, assuming good intent, and genuinely attempting to understand and sense what another person is experiencing. Erika welcomes all religions, cultures, genders, and sexual orientations.  She provides LGBTQIA+ affirming care.

Free to Be Well, Free to Be You, Free to Be... Simply Whole.

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