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children's therapist near Edina, MN
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Emily Hedberg

MPS (She/Her/Hers)

Child and Family Therapist
Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Emily recently earned her Master’s Degree in Integrated Behavioral Health in 2021 from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. During Graduate School, Emily received a Minor in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health with a Youth Specialization. She is a pre-licensed therapist in the process of obtaining her licensure to practice as a Clinical Professional Counselor (LPCC). Emily is working towards becoming a dually-licensed therapist as she is awaiting approval to be a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC). Emily has experience working in residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment centers, outpatient mental health settings, family treatment centers, and the school setting. She specializes in working with children who have experienced Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Behavioral Dysregulation, Attentional and Impulsivity issues, Attachment Disruptions, and children living with Autism. Emily has experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Art Therapy, Child Play Therapy, Family Therapy, and Group Therapy. 

It is Emily’s personal belief that all individuals have the potential to grow and the capability to change. She believes it is imperative that the family plays an active role in the treatment of children. Emily enjoys securing a collaborative relationship with children and their families. She will work together with families to determine the plan and goals for the counseling process that best fits the needs of the child. Building strong, trusting relationships with caregivers and their children is at the foundation of what Emily does. Emily creates a non-judgmental, emotionally supportive therapeutic environment where the child and their family can build trust and foster their internal capacity for growth and change.

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