When self-compassion rises out of the darkness spontaneously, we regain the whole energy of ourselves.


Susan Baker (founder)

We should all Be Free to Be Well

When we are refreshed and well, we thrive. We feel a sense of blissful energy and open acceptance. We should all Be Free to Be Well.  
At Serenity, we help you take care of your mental health so you can soar in all other areas of your life… We help you cultivate your inner strength and use that strength to build a fulfilling life and a positive future... With your true strength exposed, you begin to build resilience through self-discovery, inner compassion, and determination.


New Mental Health Clinic

in Savage, Minnesota!

We are excited to announce that Serenity Behavioral Health & Wellness is currently building a beautiful, state of the art, mental health clinic in Savage, Minnesota! Our current address is a temporary location as we await the completion of our new health center in the Summer of 2022. Subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming information!


Be Free to Be Well

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